Barbells and Boxcars ep 5

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another episode of Barbell and Boxcars. In this episode we start things off with a brief overview of the 2016 Pacific, Southern and California Regionals. We talk about who are favorites are and if we will see them in the games. Then we change things up and talk about highlights in our week at the box, Custom Fitness Gof Metgot. In our games portion, we get into more spoilers of the edition of Warmachine and Hordes. We also discuss getting started with table top wargames. The episode ends with our recommendations. We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast. Again please forgive the audio for we recorded this over Skype.

Check out ep5 here

Shout out to our gym Custom Fitness Gof Metgot. You can check out their website for information on them and what they offer.

Check out our facebook page: Barbells and Boxcars & Limitless Fails Gaming Group

You can message us at and give us some feedback. We would love to hear from you


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